Shopping Tips

What To Wear: The Essentials


For the first six weeks of your baby's life, your baby is still adjusting to life on the outside and is comforted by swaddling. Classic Layette Converter, Classic Layette Baby Blanket, and Classic Layette Baby Cap are essential pieces for creating a sense of swaddle for your newborn.


In the first few months your baby is mostly asleep, but you will be changing him/her every few hours. To help with easy diaper changes our Classic Layette Footie Romper, Classic Layette Romper with Footie and our Classic Layette Converter have easy snap-up inseams and footsies to keep your baby warm and comfortable.


As your baby begins to sit up and move around, our Rompers will continue to be staple pieces in your baby's wardrobe. You might also try our Classic Layette Coverall or one of our Classic Layette Bottoms paired with our Classic Layette Tops.


Now your baby is starting to move more and crawl around the house. To give your baby comfort for more mobility dress him/her in our Classic Layette Long Sleeve Bodysuit paired with our Classic Layette Legging or Classic Layette Solid Track Pant.


Now that your baby is definitely making moves and may even be attempting to walk or run, you'll need clothes that allow him/her to really express his/her energy. Our classic Rompers, Dresses and our Long Sleeve Bodysuit & Track Pant Set allow for maximum movement.

PAIGELAUREN 12-18 Months

Now you're probably trying to keep up with your kid. This is the time where your child really begins to break out on his/her own. Along with our other styles for ample agility, you might try one of our Baby Bodysuits paired with one of our Baby Bottoms or perhaps a Dress.

PAIGELAUREN 18-24 Months

All of our Rompers continue to be a favorite no matter how big or how fast your little one is growing. 

PAIGELAUREN Toddler to Kid

As your child grows and grows our classic designs at PAIGELAUREN will continue to give your child the comfort and flexibility that he/she needs to move around and explore his/her world. Try our KID Loungewear for the ultimate in comfy casual available in sizes 2-10.