Care Instructions



At PAIGELAUREN, we choose only high quality, organically and ecologically produced products. The Sustainable Edition is made of 100% Certified Organic cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. The cotton is purchased as yarns, then knit, dyed, and sewn in our facilities in downtown Los Angeles. PAIGELAUREN certifies our organic yarns through production process through SKAL. Yarns are currently sourced from Los Angeles. Classics- soft, soft·er, soft·est smooth and agreeable to the touch; not rough or coarse: a soft fabric; soft skin. Synonyms: bendable, comfortable, comfy, cottony, cozy, creamy, cushiony, cushy, delicate, doughy, downy, easeful, easy, elastic, feathery, fine, flabby, fleecy, fleshy, flexible, flimsy, flocculent, flowing, fluffy, fluid, formless, furry, gelatinous, impressible, limp, malleable, moldable, mushy, pappy, pulpy, rounded, satiny, silken, silky, smooth, snug, spongy, squashy, squishy, supple, thin, velvety, yielding

Laundry Products

Use a suitable detergent.

Recommended usage of a specific liquid detergent for a brighter wash. Use an appropriate amount. Reduce the recommended amount of detergent. Your wash will be just as clean and you will help the environment. Please use environmentally friendly products with no chlorine or bleach.

Laundry Basket

Sorting your wash.

Separate light from dark colors to prevent colors from running together. Buttons, Metal snaps and zippers- remember to fasten buttons, metal snaps and zippers to help maintain the garments shape.

Always inside out to preserve their prints and their colors. Loading the machine – By not overloading your machine, you will prevent laundry detergent marks.

Washing & Drying

Super Fine Jersey : (50% micro modal / 50% supima)

Machine wash cold, gentle or delicate cycle, non-chlorine bleach when needed, tumble dry, gentle, low heat.

Super Fine Interlock : (50% micro modal / 50% supima)

Machine wash cold, gentle or delicate cycle, non-chlorine bleach when needed, tumble dry, gentle, low heat

Super Fine French Terry : (62% cotton / 33% modal / 5% lycra)

Machine wash warm, delicate cycle, non-chlorine bleach, tumble dry low, cool iron

Organic Honeycomb / Organic Jersey : (100% Organic Cotton)

Warm water wash, wash with like colors, tumble dry low heat


Maintenance Instructions.

Stick to recommended temperatures.
Buttons, Metal Snaps and Zippers – Avoid ironing buttons metal snaps and zippers. Ironing might damage them. Always iron your clothes inside out to avoid shine and to protect the colors of your favorite clothes.