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Baby Bloomer - Sorbet

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SS13-024-B-NB -GRAPE
Berry Blue
Grapefruit Pink
Honeydew Green
Lemon Yellow
Melon Orange

Bloomers might sound like an old-fashioned garment of sorts, but babies can still rock them in a modern way. Our Bloomers come in an array of fun colors, perfect for summer or just a baby with a more playful aesthetic. They're incredibly soft to the touch, made from superfine material that's breathable. Pairing them with a plain white tee would make a simple, yet mega-cute outfit combination for playing or relaxing.

Collection: Sorbet

  • Charcoal polka dot details
  • Elastic waistband
  • Heavy ribbing

Laundry Room: 50% Supima Cotton & 50% Micro-Modal blend

Care Instructions: Wash cold inside-out, tumble dry low