Prepare Your Hospital Bag

Prepare Your Hospital Bag

Getting Ready for the Hospital?

Don't forget these 3 Baby Essentials...

Don’t forget to pack:

1.  Baby’s First Blanket

2.  A Comfy Going Home Outfit

3.  A Cap

We’ve made it real easy with our Take Home Sets, all 3 packaged into one little bundle. 

Bringing your precious bundle of joy home is a momentous occasion, and we've got the perfect outfits to make it even more special. Our baby take home sets are designed with love and crafted for comfort. Whether it's a cozy onesie or a cute two-piece outfit, PAIGELAUREN ensures your little one's first journey home is wrapped in style.

From the hospital to home, PAIGELAUREN outfits are not just adorable but also crafted with soft, hypoallergenic fabrics to keep your newborn snug and comfy. Start making memories from day one with these picture-perfect sets.

Celebrate this incredible milestone with PAIGELAUREN!  #TakeMeHome #NewbornEssentials #PAIGELAURENBaby"

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