Newborn Fashion 101

Newborn Fashion 101

With so many people buying adorable outfits for your new baby, it may be hard to pick the right option to transport them from the hospital to the car and then home. The best option is to keep it simple with a soft and cozy footie romper to keep your baby warm in any season and makes buckling into a car seat easy. Once you get home, the outfit continues to work to your advantage for sleeping, nursing, and diaper changes.

Because there are so many other things to prepare for, many new parents do not appreciate the value of a newborn take-home dress until it is almost time for the baby to arrive. However, there are several factors to consider when dressing your newborns, such as the weather, warmth, softness, pictures you will take, and ease of changing or feeding. Also, frilly outfits may be adorable but can make babies fussy as they can scratch their delicate skin, making buckling a baby in the car seat for the first time challenging. 

Here are four staple Newborn Fashion 101 Rules:

  1. Newborn fashion 101 is all about comfort and practicality, with soft and breathable fabrics being the top choice for tiny tots.

  2. Neutral colors like pastel blues, soft pinks, and muted grays are a staple in newborn fashion, making it easy to mix and match adorable outfits.

  3. When it comes to newborn fashion, onesies, rompers, and footed sleepers are essential pieces that simplify dressing your little one while keeping them cozy.

  4. Don't forget to accessorize with cute baby stuffed animals, hats, socks, and bibs to add a touch of style to your baby's wardrobe while keeping them snug and stylish.

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